Among CONGENERATE's flexible features is the cross-linking of various nomenclature systems (e.g., IPCC, EPCC, ICD 9, ICD 10 codes).  This allows the different centers to enter data using their preferred coding scheme, while retaining the ability for databases to communicate with one another, if so desired.

The tool consists of multiple modules that are intuitively divided into sections to facilitate data entry.  The software's many functions include data capture, report/letter creation, data filtering, search features, and administrative tools that allow users to further customize the tool to their needs. The project is supported by experienced professionals to assist with implementation of the software, integration of the tool, and user training.

CONGENERATE software was built with inherent flexibility to adapt to the evolving needs of the community.  Software updates fuelled by user feedback will ensure its dynamic evolution. 

CONGENERATE software respects best health informatics practices.  It was developed in harmony with national and international health informatics standards.  As such, it includes several security features at different levels.  At the local level, password protection (even for individual data fields), backups, and audit trails secure utilization of the data.

Importantly, CONGENERATE-based data sharing is entirely voluntary.  Any research conducted with CONGENERATE is subject to approval by standard regulatory boards.  Project management features and tools to facilitate data sharing will be made available.  These include data denominalisation, full encryption, audit trails, backups, and equipment protection.

If you are interested in an information system to help increase the efficiency of your clinical practice and/or pursue clinical research in ACHD, consider joining our CONGENERATE community! For more information about CONGENERATE SOLUTIONS, please 

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